About Us

  • Based in Singapore
  • Started by three fashionistas who are friends, sick and tired of a 9am – 5pm job and wanted a breakthrough via ONS
  • Why did we call ourselves ONS? Wanted something quirky to catch the attention and coincidentally the trio were all born on day 29th hence Nine in ONS
  • Exclusive in-house production of trendy yet timeless pieces without compromising on comfort and quality
  •  Focuses on stringent workmanship and affordability of our apparel
  • Choosing apparel every morning may be a chore for some women. We believe in dressing up all women (of all size or shape) effortlessly with style so that they feel good about themselves (instill self-confidence)

Company Unique Selling Points:



Put our heart and soul into perfecting each design suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. You’ll find one that fits you like a glove!



Handpicking our materials out of the thousands or even millions to ensure comfort of our apparel



Stringent control on workmanship such that quality is not compromised



Our humble beginnings allow us to understand the needs and demands of our target consumers. High-end designs and quality at affordable prices